Fashion Retail's
Visual similarity Monitor.

Benchmarks your catalog against your competitors’ similar products.

Exactly like your customers do. Try the Live Demo

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Fashion is unique. And similar.

Monitor what different-but-similar-to-yours products your competitors are selling.

And precisely adjust your pricing strategy.
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Crew Neck T-Shirt with Long Sleeves $20
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Perfect fit Long Sleeve T-shirt $24$19
92.7% Similarity Score
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Short Sleeve T-Shirt $17$14
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Pocket Signature Tshirt $23
90.3% Similarity Score
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Boat Neck Top in Regular Fit $38$30
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Striped Long Sleeve Top $37
88.5% Similarity Score

World’s first Price Monitoring that sees

The Artificial Intelligence that understands Fashion

Cutting-edge technology that understands everything that’s unique and similar about your product — by visually comparing it with your competitors’ products. Exactly like your customers do.

The AI engine processes millions of product images to extract patterns and sequences, which are then enriched with meta data (the text bits from descriptions and products info) to find the most relevant similar products from your competitors’ inventory. It’s like Face Recognition for Clothes.

Accurate and intuitive reporting

Monitor your competitors at the similar-product level.

All reports and insights are based on your products pricing and stock performance versus your competitors’ similar-looking products. Stop making decisions based on the skewed high-level category stats provided by everyone else.

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Price Positioning

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Price Architecture

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New comers

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Fast movers

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In stock / Out of stock

Move beyond guesstimates and start comparing apples to apples.

Maximize your margins

Help your team achieve the toughest targets

Empower your buyers, merchandisers, and category managers to take the correct actions towards profitability. We provide the correct information to effectively adjust your pricing strategy, reacting in real time to the competition’s pricing movements - product by product.

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Stop Discounting what you shouldn’t

Accurately understand which of your products are already best priced in the market and don’t need further discounting. Time to say “Good bye” to blanket category discounts.

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Stop Manufacturing what’s not selling

Get accurate daily insights and benchmarks on which products are selling fast across your competitors, and incorporate it into your buying strategy. Dead stock erodes margins and brands.

Fast and easy setup

As straight-forward as it gets — your business is complex enough.

We’ve benchmarked it: you need 12 minutes to complete our setup — yes, twelve minutes. No IT, no developers, no contractors, no PhD needed. The AI needs minimum input as it has been trained to intelligently fill-in the gaps, while keeping you informed of its every step.

  • Select your categories The AI fetches your categories information behind the scenes, so you just have to select the categories you want tracked.
  • Add your competitors Just add your competitors’ domain names and we’ll take it from there. Their categories will automatically mapped to yours. And if you want to customize any pairings, it’s easy to do so.
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Feature complete

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Daily email reports

Start every day with your key pricing and stock metrics already in your inbox. It’s the email you’ll look forward to.

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Ready to go with Zero integration

With an easy DIY setup, and an intuitive interface, you won’t have to wait weeks for developers to integrate.

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Unrestricted team sharing

Data driven teams make better decisions, so get the whole team on the same page with sharing baked into all the reports.

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Multi-Cloud hosting platform

We leverage the scalability and availability of multiple clouds, so you don’t need expensive hardware, nor complicated networking.

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We all feel overwhelmed by too much data. Select the reports that are essential and pin them to your dashboard.

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Easy to use interface

We favor intuitiveness over complexity, and familiar over bespoke, so that we can get you going without any training wheels.

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Export all data

All the underlying reports data is available for download and easy import into Excel or your in-house BI systems.

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Enterprise-grade Security and Uptime

We take security very seriously with 256bit SSL encryption. Always-on access is quintessential, so we guarantee 99.9% uptime.

Protect your business

Data is the new oil.
And the data-rich are using it against you.

Fashion is quickly evolving into a data game, where the tech-savvy are at an advantage. Level the playing field against those that use their abundance of data to corner your market.

AI·FOR allows you to understand in real time how your competitors — direct or indirect, local or abroad — are pricing, discounting, and promoting the products that are competing the most with your product lines.

Your newly-unlocked massive data crunching and AI-insights capabilities will considerably increase your financial year’s profit, all while reaching breakeven in four months, on average.

Read The Economist article
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